Welcome in Tree Cell Engineering Lab (LICA)


The LICA is a combined laboratory and greenhouse building dedicated to the production and characterization of transgenic or edited trees, very useful to address any questions on tree function with an integrative biology view.

The LICA is a technical platform managed by both UMR BioForA and UE GBFor, inaugurated in 2017 at the Orléans site of INRA-Centre Val de Loire. It is a confined building (L2S2) that complies with regulatory biosecurity procedures. Financed by INRA, the LICA has completed its equipment thanks to the Centre Val de Loire Region. It is also based on the Xyloforest and Genius PIAs. It is one of the two components of the Xylobiotech platform and is integrated into the national IN-SYLVA infrastructure.


Available services :

  • cell engineering
  • phenotyping,
  • plant cultivation and multiplication